Tyndall College

Student Charter


Your life at Tyndall College opens a gateway to a unique academic and personal development experience. Studying at Tyndall College is an exciting new venture for all students – whether you are entering directly from primary school or transferring from another post primary school.

It is our mission that throughout your student experience, you will experience a vast array of opportunities and challenges which will enrich you as an individual.

We are committed to maximising educational, personal and professional developmental opportunities for all our students in a welcoming, progressive and dynamic environment.

We take great pride in preparing you for your future path, wherever that path may lead.

We cannot do this on our own. In order to reach your full potential, it is your responsibility to engage fully in student life at Tyndall College. We have created this “Student Charter” in liaison with the Students’ Council. It is designed to provide a framework which will help steer you along YOUR TYNDALL COLLEGE JOURNEY and make the most of your education experience.


You Can Expect  We Expect of You
1. To be supported both academically and personally, to help you complete your studies.



1. That you  take responsibility for your own learning and personally contribute towards creating an environment which is conducive to learning for all.


2. To be provided with a state of the art learning environment to help you achieve your potential.


2. That you attend, in full uniform, and take part in all classes.


3. To be given timely and appropriate feedback on your academic progress (School Report).


3. To complete, to the best of your ability, all your homework and study for required exams.


4. That every member of the school community will be courteous, respectful and professional at all times.



4. That you respect and embrace the diversity of the staff and student population of which you are a part of and behave in a dignified manner at all times.



5. To be offered a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities to enhance your personal and professional development.  This will encompass social, cultural and sporting activities as an integral part of school life.


5. That you explore the extensive range of extra-curricular activites available and use the school facilities with respect and consideration for others.

6. The highest standards in school policies and procedures.


6. That you make yourself familiar and comply with the rules and regulations of the school. 


                      We will together respect and embrace the reputation of Tyndall College.