Tyndall College

Parent Charter


Parents/Guardians of students at Tyndall College can expect:

  • To play an active role in the development of school policies.
  • To have access to all data relevant to their child.
  • An environment that encourages the sharing of issues and concerns.
  • That your concerns will be dealt with professionally and sensitively.
  • To participate in a properly constituted Parents Association.
  • To be greeted at the school in a cordial and professional manner.
  • To be informed and consulted where appropriate.
  • An atmosphere of tolerance and respect for diversity.


Parents/Guardians of students at Tyndall College are expected to:

  • Encourage and support your child and the school, positively.
  • Attend meetings at the school which concern your child.
  • Support the principals of Attendance and Punctuality.
  • Ensure that your child is in full school uniform on a daily basis.
  • Monitor internet and mobile phone usage and the school journal.
  • Sign your child’s student journal on a weekly basis.
  • Listen to both your child and to the school when issues arise.
  • Inform the school of any change of circumstance which may impact on your child at school.
  • Promote the interests of Tyndall College in the wider community.
  • Respect diversity and the rights of all in the school community.