TY Class of 2021

This academic year for Transition Year students across the country was a year like no other, as they  were greatly impacted by Covid 19.  Students from Transition Year were faced with not being allowed off the school site which meant no normal out of school fun trips and adventures.  However these students have risen above it all and shown great perseverance, resilience and determination.  Students engaged in workshops and in school activities and also had to continue with their classes online. 

This TY Class of 2021 are a fantastic group of young adults who can stand tall, having giving it their best shot while they continued with their education and learning, both in school and their participation online.

Students participated in the Driver Ed Programme, had Team-Works in to do team building activities and also had Segway training.  Workshops included Brilliant Mondays, Redesign Ireland, School of Improv, Aware, the Wake Up Programme, Zumba, Yoga, Poundsticks, Irish Aid , Garda talk on Knife Crime and Safer Socialising, Carlow County Council workshops on The Global Goals and Waste, Mini Company, Afri talks, Dulann Modules for the Workplace, a Concussion course, The Microsoft Dreamspace event and  BioDiversity workshops. They also wrote personal letters to residents of local nursing homes.

Christmas Market
TY students eagerly organised and ran Tyndall College’s first Christmas market in the run up to Christmas which was definitely a highlight of the year. All students put their heart and soul into this event and some truly went above and beyond to make sure they finished their products on time and had enough stock to fulfil orders.  Products on sale included hot chocolate bombs, scented soaps, light up bottles, sweet bags, wooden snowmen, wooden chopping boards, a huge selection of baking which included cookies, buns, biscuits and many more. There was a real Christmas spirit around the school which created a real buzz and sense of excitement.  The TY Class of 2021 have set a precedent now and the next TY groups have big boots to fill!!

Student Reflections 
Despite the year that was in it, we got to work in groups and to learn new skills such as entrepreneurial skills, improved in communication and social skills. We worked as part of teams and learned new practical skills.  TY has helped us in choosing a career path for the future.  We have grown in confidence and maturity and realised that by simply taking part we have grown as individuals.  We have made lots of new friendships with our many International students and got to learn about their cultures also. We got to do Work Experience every Friday from September to December which was a great insight into the world of work.  Despite the restrictions we still managed to fit in a lot of activities and workshops at the same time we had a bit of craic along the way!

From an International perspective:
We came to Ireland last August to study here for a year.  At first it was difficult to adapt especially being away from our own families.  As time went on it became easier and it was so good to meet new people and to experience another culture.  We don’t have this Transition Year in our countries so we got to experience lots of activities and workshops.  School in Ireland is far more practical and we learned more by doing things.  The online classes were good in many ways and some teachers did it really well. Transition Year is a very good year and we have improved our personal skills. We really enjoyed the Team works activities, the workshops and speakers, the Christmas market and the Driver Ed programme.  TY is a very good year and we think it is a very good idea and a good way to support young people in their school life as we learned a lot of things we would never have back at home.  The teachers and the people here are fantastic and we really feel that we have improved our English. We are really thankful for all of the experiences and for all of the people we met.