Senior Programme – Leaving Certificate

The Senior Programme at Tyndall College Carlow is a two-year programme. Students have the opportunity to choose two routes – the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) or the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA). 

We offer a wide range of subjects at both Higher and Ordinary levels in order that all students can maximise their potential to achieve.


The Leaving Certificate is a two-year programme and students study a range of subjects,
preparing for examination in seven subject areas.

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) is an additional option available to senior level students. Spread over two years, LCVP combines the traditional Leaving Certificate with a  specific extra element of enterprise, information technology and applied study. LCVP has major relevance upon leaving school for further and higher education, and employment by connecting academic study with the wider world of careers and work. Students who complete LCVP can gain additional university entry (CAO) points in addition to their Leaving Certificate results.

Work Experience

All students who take the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) are placed with local employers for a period of work experience. As a result, students gain valuable experience of the world of work and further enhance their education programme and help them make informed choices about their future.

Leaving Certificate Subjects

All students study a core programme including:
• Irish
• English
• Mathematics
• Religious Education
• Physical Education
• Careers Guidance

The core programme also includes specific workshop sessions on personal safety, health, study
skills, Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE).

In addition, students have to opportunity to study up to four of the following option subjects:
• Accounting
• Agricultural Science
• Art
• Biology
• Business
• Chemistry
• Construction Studies (Wood)
• Design and Communication Graphics
• Engineering (Metal)
• French
• Geography
• Home Economics
• Italian
• Music
• Physics
• Spanish

For more information on the LCVP programme please click here.

Advice and Support

We meet with every student to ensure that their choice of programme, including core and optional subjects meets their potential and their own specific needs, interests and ambitions. We will advise students and their parents/guardians on the best combination of subjects, particularly to ensure maximum choice when it comes to progression to work, or further and higher education. We will also help understand any individual learning needs/exemptions etc. that might influence individual programmes. The specific programme undertaken is dependent on student enrolment, resources and needs.