Tyndall College

Homework Policy


This policy applies the entire school community – students, parents and teachers during the course of the school year.



  1. To inform the school community of the school’s position regarding homework.
  2. To promote a uniformity and a consistent approach to homework.


Roles and responsibility in implementing this policy

Teachers, Parents and Students play a significant role in and must take responsibility in implementing this policy.



Definition of Homework

Homework is subject based work assigned by a teacher, for completion by a student, alone or with others, outside of class. It may be oral, aural, written, memorising, reading, practical research, project centred or revision.


The Purpose of Homework

  1. To reinforce and supplement class work.
  2. To complete work begun in class.
  3. To prepare for future work.
  4. Examination Preparation.
  5. To give student’s the skills to develop independent working habits.


Expectations Regarding Homework

Teachers May Expect That:

  • Students will record homework in the student journal.
  • Students will meet all deadlines (as per school rules)
  • Students will make an effort to complete all homework honestly.
  • All requested work will be presented.
  • Parents will supervise homework as appropriate
  • Parents will present a signed and dated explanation note if homework is not done or incomplete. This homework will must be completed the following day.
  • Students missing class time due to extracurricular activities must obtain and complete homework assigned in their absence.
  • Students will catch up on all missed homework due to absence due to illness or other reasons.


Students May Expect That:

  • Homework in each subject area will take a reasonable amount of time.
  • Homework tasks will be clear and the purpose explained.
  • Adequate allowance is made for time consuming homework such as essays etc.
  • Homework will be relevant to class work/course work.
  • Homework will be monitored and corrected.
  • Feedback will be given on homework, individually or in a group setting.
  • Adequate time will be given in class for the recording of homework.


Parents May Expect That:

  • Notification will be given regarding their child’s difficulties with homework.
  • They will have the opportunity to discuss homework problems with the relevant teacher via the school pastoral care system. Discussions with teachers on homework will occur at a mutually agreed time.
  • Teachers will be conscious of learning difficulties when assigning homework.


Duration of Homework

Time management is an important skill and students must be responsible for their homework and reasonable in the time they allocate to it.

The length of time spent on homework will vary, depending on the year group, level of ability, time of the academic year but the following time guideline may be useful:

  • First Year Students              45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Second Year Students         1 hour
  • Third Year Students             1. 5 hours
  • Fifth Year Students              1.5 – 2 hours
  • Sixth Year Students             1.5 – 2.5 hours
  • LCA Students                          1 hour

If students complete their homework within the above time guidelines, they are expected to put the remainder of this time into revision/study.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL STUDENTS:  Producing quality homework is just as valuable as any additional study. Please give your homework the attention it requires.



  • Awards for “best” and “most improved” students at the end of year awards ceremony (Homework and application to work is taken into account).


Parental Involvement

As partners in their child’s education, Parents are expected to take an active interest in their homework, in particular parents are expected to:

  • Provide adequate facilities so that their child is able to undertake their homework, we recommend a noise free environment with adequate space, light, heat and ventilation. We recommend that students do not have access to mobile phones or internet during this time. If students require internet access for homework, we recommend that parents supervise during this time.
  • Provide adequate supervision as appropriate to the needs of the student.
  • Examine the homework journal regularly and sign it weekly. Please pay particular attention to the yellow pages at the back of the journal.
  • Furnish an explanatory note if homework is incomplete or not done and ensure that this homework is complete when the issue at hand is resolved.


The Student Journal

The journal is an essential item, a full detailed account of how to use the student journal is available at the start of the student journal. The journal contains:

  • Space to record homework for each class.
  • Space for parents to sign after checking their child’s work on a weekly basis.

Parents are strongly advised to check the student journal on a daily basis.



As homework is an essential part of school life, it is reasonable to expect that all students will make an honest effort to complete all homework assigned to a satisfactory level. This is outlined in our school rules.

Situations may arise from time to time which prevents students from completing their homework. In these cases, no sanctions will apply provided an explanatory note has been received from a parent on the day that homework is due. In the absence of a note, sanctions will apply.

The following sanctions may be imposed for failure to present homework:

  1. Request from parent for explanation for lack of homework.
  2. Lunch time detention imposed by the subject teacher.
  3. Withdrawal of lunch time privileges and confinement to the main assembly area.
  4. Evening Detention.
  5. Meeting with Parent/Guardian to discuss on going issues regarding failure to produce homework.
  6. Suspension.


Preparation for next day’s lessons

Homework also includes ensuring that you check your timetable for the next day and put all the books, copies and equipment required  into your bag ready for the morning.


Homework/Study Supports

  1. Homework Club:

Homework Club is available to Junior Cycle students each evening (Monday to Wednesday inclusive) from 4pm to 5pm. Assisted homework is provided for all students to help them to complete their assignments to a high standard.

  1. Study Skills workshops:

Tyndall provides an annual Study Skills workshop for students to enable them to acquire effective study skills and become independent learners.