For Parents

At Tyndall College, we acknowledge the primary role of parents/guardians in the education of their children.

We see the close working relationship with parents/guardians as central to the success of our students, and we encourage regular input and contact through the Parents’ Association, the Home School Community Liaison and parent-teacher meetings. Each child’s Class Tutor and Year Head act as a key point of contact for parents/guardians, and you are always welcome to visit the school to discuss your child’s progress.

We believe that our partnership between home and school is important because with a positive and active partnership our students receive the best that post-primary education has to offer.

Parents’ Association

Parents are encouraged to play a very active part in the life of Tyndall College Carlow as part of the Parents’ Association. The Parents’ Association provides parents with a dynamic forum to work together with the school to support the best possible education for their children. Our Parents’ Association works with the principal, staff and the Board of Management to enrich the education of the students and to build an effective partnership between home and school.

  • We know from research that students do better, behave better and are happier at school where parents and teachers work closely together and when parents are able to give their children support at home.
  • Teachers can do a better job where they are supported by and work closely with parents.
  • All parents together can play their part in planning for the best possible education for children in their school.
  • The parents association is a means to make this partnership happen.
  • Every parent/guardian is welcome to participate in the work of the Parents’ Association.

Home School Community Liaison

Our Home School Community Liaison makes a difference by making important links between school and home, and offers a very special line of communication between parents/guardians and the school. The Home School Community Liaison makes a special effort to meet with every parent/guardian and will offer advice and support throughout each student’s time at school.

Click here for more information on our Home School Community Liaison co-ordinator.