Extra and Co-Curricular Activities

We believe that the school years offer an opportunity for each student to explore and develop their talents and interests. In addition to providing opportunities for students to excel in their studies, at Tyndall College we also encourage all our students to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, groups and events. These provide excellent, supervised opportunities for recreation, and also opportunities to develop team-working, problem-solving and communication skills, whilst furthering friendships and having fun!

Lunchtime and After-School Clubs

At Tyndall College, staff and students organise a wide range of lunchtime and after-school clubs. These are an important part of our school community and great opportunities to develop social skills as well as explore areas of talent and interest. Students can participate in supervised, fun group activities including:
– Art & Photography Club
– Computer Club
– Gaisce
– Global Citizenship
– Green Schools
– Junk Kouture

– Gaelbhratach
– Foreign Tours
– Choir
– Musical
– International Léargas Project
– Erasmus+
– Field Trips
– St Vincent de Paul
– Student Enterprise Awards
– Eco Unesco
– Young Social Innovators
– School Library
– Garden Projects
– Instrumental Lessons
– Sports

– Philosophy Club
– Chess Club
– Podcast Club
– STEAM Club

Trips and Visits

Tyndall College organises a wide range of trips and visits, all of which are designed to enhance the curriculum and personal development of our students. These trips and visits include theatre shows, visits to cultural events, Dáil Éireann, outdoor activity centres, the zoo, the cinema and seasonal events including ice-skating. We work to ensure that the events are as affordable as possible and that all students have the opportunity to participate in them.


Tyndall College students have many opportunities to participate in a wide-ranging of sporting activities. In addition to PE, all students are encouraged to participate in the additional sporting activities on offer within the school in order to promote fitness, team-spirit and a healthy competitiveness.

You can take part in lunchtime and after-school teams including:
– Athletics
– Badminton
– Basketball
– Cross Country
– Gaelic Football
– Handball
– Hurling & Camogie
– Rowing
– Soccer
– Rugby
– Volleyball