Erasmus+ Programme

Celebrating Erasmus days on the 13th, 14th and 15th October 2022!


Tyndall College is an Erasmus partner since 2020 with five European countries; Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and North Macedonia. The topic of our Erasmus is “I-school finding identify in times of social media”. Our students have been collaborating with other European students on topics such as how to identify fake news and real news on social media. For this topic four students and two teachers went to the first Erasmus mobility in North Macedonia for five days in September. During this trip, students had the opportunity to work together with their European friends, they travelled, learned more about North Macedonia and discovered their beautiful land and culture.   During the first week in November, after midterm break, Ireland will be hosting the Erasmus.  Twenty-five students and their teachers will be visiting our school and will collaborate with our students on the topic “addiction to online gaming”.  What a great experience and opportunity!  Erasmus opens minds and enriches lives!