Tyndall’s Musical Debut a Roaring Success!

When we moved to our beautiful new school building back in September, I don’t think anyone, in the midst of all the madness, would have envisioned that a few short months later we would be putting on our very first musical production. But on the 29th, 30th and 31st of January our musical dreams came true. The students of Tyndall College made history and gave an awe-inspiring, spectacular performance each night to a blown away, packed audience of many family members, friends and teachers.

Once it had been decided that the much loved ‘Grease’ was to be our inaugural musical, our production team of Ms. Quinn, Mr. Doyle and Ms. Phelan began teaching our cast members the very famous Grease classics such as ‘Summer Nights,’ ‘We Go Together’ and of course ‘Greased Lightning.’ Many of the students had never heard of these songs before but they soon realised they would never forget them!

Soon after this, auditions for the main roles of Sandy, Danny, the infamous T-Birds and Pink ladies were held. All students in 2nd year, Transition Year and 5th Year were invited to be apart of the musical whether it be as a main role, part of the chorus, making costumes or working backstage. We had many students who just wanted to be involved in any way in the musical and they were welcomed without having to audition. Around 40 students took to the stage while many more were involved behind the scenes making the show come together.

After the auditions, our rehearsals began. The students showed tremendous commitment by attending rehearsals two evenings per week after school and often two days at the weekend. They worked tirelessly with Ms. Mulhall, the director, and with the musical directors. Over the weeks, the confidence of the students grew, friendships blossomed and the talent of our students soared. It was hard work and at times seemed like we would never get to the stage!

When we arrived back after the Christmas holidays the 3-week countdown began! The stage was designed and constructed by Mr. Mulhall along with some very helpful 2nd year students. When this started to take shape in the GP area it all began to feel real! As soon as the set started to be painted by Ms. Kassam and Ms. O’Hara along with many talented art students, we all realised that this was it! We have a show!

Show week soon arrived and the students put on a matinee performance for some local primary schools on Tuesday January 28th. We were all so excited as finally we could show off the fantastic talent of our students. It was great practice as for the first time we had lights, sound, costumes, props, hair and make-up all at the one time! This didn’t phase the students at all. They gave an amazing performance that was well received by the primary school students.

When opening night arrived there was a sense of excitement tinged with a feeling of nervousness. But once the opening scene began all worries were forgotten and the talent of the students took over and provided the eager audience with a thrilling performance. It was hard as a school not to be beaming with pride looking at the students take over the stage with such confidence. The roars, applause and laughter from the crowd really spurred the cast on as each subsequent night was better than the first.

After each show the feedback from the student body and the local community was truly positive. Many people even purchased tickets to come back and see the show for a second time. Facebook was alight with comments about how wonderful the show was while encouraging the local people to come and see it!

The students who were involved in any way, each and everyone of them, outdid themselves. They showed that it is ok to try something new, to take on a new challenge, work hard at it, be committed and determined and the benefits will be amazing.

None of us wanted the show to end and we all carried heavy hearts around with us when we arrived back to school after the show to see the stage being dismantled.

Overall this has been an invaluable experience for all the students and teachers involved. It really brought the whole school community together and we can’t wait for the next musical!


Danny Zuko

Callum Fisher

Sandy Dumbrowski

Sophie Broderick


Zuhire Darsi


Zane Goate


Marten Wiese


Alex Condren


Emma Prenderville


Kacey Travers


Kerrie Hutton


Carly Deere

Vince Fontaine

Mr.Adrian Doyle

Mrs Lynch

Sophie Kennedy

Mrs Lynch’s Assistant

Katlynn O’ Neill

Patty Simcox

Hallie Dowling

Cha Cha Digregorio

Megan Canavan


Boni Milinganyo


Taigh Nolan


Daniel Mesa


Natalia Skrzeczkowska
Bryana Donnelly
Aukse Vasiliauskaite
Sophie Howard Proctor
Lilly Mae O’Brien
Caitriona Kinsella
Ellen Cleaver
Kiaza Callinan
Isabelle Manuel
Natasha Nyathi
Irina Luchianciuc
Erin Byrne
Silvia Montefoschi
Lwazi Ndhlovu
Silvia Raluca Petruca
Cela Lawlor
Kayleigh Dowling
Abbie Ní Cheallaigh
Holly Broadbery
Anete Perkone
Moyo Ibikunle
Molly Lennon Lawlor
Eunice Milinganyo
Faith Lewin O’Brien
Hannah Doyle
Saoirse Barry
Chloe Lawlor
Amelia Szalowska
Samantha Romanowska
Roisin Murphy


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