Sixth Year Art Trip to VISUAL

On the 11th of January the Sixth Year Art students enjoyed a visit to VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art and GB Shaw Theatre here in Carlow. Costing €18million to build, VISUAL is a state-of-the art gallery and is the tallest gallery space in the whole country. The GB Shaw Theatre is another wonderful amenity for our students as they regularly attend performances and screenings of plays and film that are relevant to the curriculum.  

For their trip students watched the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ starring Leonardo Di Caprio, and did a workshop on the film learning about camera angles, lighting, costume etc. After lunch the students got a tour of the Gallery which even included a behind the scenes look at how exhibitions are installed. They learnt about the work of the current artist on exhibit, Kilkenny artist Paul Mosse, and also got some advice on how to answer the appreciation question for their upcoming exams. It was a very enjoyable and engaging day and the students benefited greatly from the visit.