Message from Mr. McGill 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians,


Tyndall College staff will begin online teaching from Monday the 11th of January. Thankfully the decision has now been made not to bring in our Leaving Certificate Students and Special Education Classes. Hopefully, when Covid 19 case numbers drop we will be in a position to see our students return to school. The key thing for us at the moment is that you are all safe.


So getting back to online learning.


What does this mean?

  • All of our students have been given an email address and password to log into Microsoft Teams.
  • Classes have been set up by teachers on Microsoft Teams and each student will be able to access their daily lessons in this manner.


What do I do if I cannot access MS Teams?

  • If you have forgotten your email or password, don’t worry!
    • Please make contact with the school and we will get back to you.


Some of my classes are not showing up?

  • Again if some classes are not showing up then please contact us here in the school and we will look into whatever technical problems there may be.
  • Also we have had some technical issues in setting up some classes so please bear with us.



Having difficulty doing classes at home?

  • Internet is poor?
  • I don’t have a device – tablet or computer
  • My phone is not great for getting online


  • We fully understand that it may be very difficult for some of our students to access online learning.


  • I also understand that it can be very difficult when there are perhaps several children in the household and perhaps not enough devices or space to carry out online learning.


  • What we are asking all of our students to do is to please do their best.


  • Over the next number of weeks we will be in contact with families who are having difficulties.


  • We also intend to post some of our lessons online on our website and on our social media pages so that students who cannot access work online can access work booklets.


  • If you remember last year we posted booklets to families who could not access work online. We have been advised this year not to post physical booklets rather to post them up on Facebook and our website so students can see them and then write down their answers and send the work back in for correction.


  • Our School Completion Coordinator Sinead and Home School Community Liaison Ms. Lorraine Lawlor will also talk to families who cannot get work this way and will look to deliver booklets by post.


  • The main message here is that we want to support you all as best we can and we ask that you keep in contact with us over the next number of weeks.


  • We will be providing food boxes for families over the next while, this will be communicated by text and will be on all of our social media channels.


  • Our dedicated staff will do everything they can to help you through this tough time. But the key message is stay connected and talk to us if you have any issues.


  • Finally thank you for taking the time to listen today. Stay safe and I will talk to you soon.


Gerry McGill message to Parents and Guardians