First Year Celebration 2019

On the evening of Thursday 17th October, First Year students along with their teachers, families and friends gathered in the school to celebrate their first half term as secondary school students.  This event is held to acknowledge and appreciate the many achievements of our students as they make the transition to life in Tyndall College. First Year students from each of the classes 1 Picasso, 1 Da Vinci, 1 Dali and 1 Monet impressed the audience with their excellent speaking, dancing, artistic and musical talents. Congratulations to all our new First Year students and many thanks to their Year Head Ms. Halpin and their tutors Ms. Kassam, Ms. Flynn, Ms. Mc Ardle and Mr. Lowry for their unwavering support. The whole school community would like to wish the Class of 2025 the very best as they embark on their Tyndall journey!