Awards Day 2018

Wednesday 24th May marked the very first Tyndall College Awards Day and was a special occasion for the whole school community as many awards were presented in recognition of the students’ academic, sporting and personal achievements.  Legendary Kilkenny hurler DJ Carey very kindly gave his time to speak to students about his career and the benefits of hard work and dedication. Carlow football manager Turlough O’Brien also took time out of his busy schedule and preparations for the much-anticipated Leinster quarter final against Kildare to present students with their awards. A superb selection of musical entertainment by the Tyndall College Choir, the Music Generation Brass and Woodwind ensemble, singer Sophie Broderick and brothers Danny and Seán Carthy added the finishing touches to the occasion.

Academic awards were presented to students from each class group. Criteria for these awards included not just academic results, but also the students’ contribution to school life, positive attitude and work ethic. Awards were also given to the Most Improved Students from each class group. Sporting achievements in Basketball, Soccer and Athletics were recognised as well as excellence in the Arts, commitment to Green Schools and Development Education and Charity Work. Well done to all!

Principal Mr. McGill paid tribute to the students of Tyndall College and recognised the hard work of their teachers in supporting them and helping them reach their potential. He also acknowledged the tireless work of Deputy Principal Ms. Morrissey, Assistant Principals Ms. Quinn and Ms. Calvey, Year Heads, the School Completion team, secretary Bridget Sheehan, caretakers, catering and cleaning staff.  

Special Guest DJ Carey

Best Student in Each Class

First Year

Clodagh O’Shea         

Martyna Lawicka

Jakie Ngobeni

Second Year

Hope De Faoite-Dickson                     

Sophie Kennedy

Third Year

Leah Sheehan                                                 

Vince Fornillos

Transition Year

Chloe Ryan

Fifth Year

Molly Sibbald                                                    

Corina Picturuo

Sixth Year

Shirley Woong

Most Improved Student in each class

First Year

Josh Murphy             

Jake Condron

Gabriel O’Shea 

Second Year

Sophie Broderick                                

Tadgh Fitzpatrick

Third Year

Danielle Harkin                                          

Eric McDonnell

Transition Year

Orlaigh O’Donohue

Fifth Year

Cian Nolan                                                     

Aoife Moore

Sixth Year

Sylvia Drangova

International Students of the Year

Junior: David Samatovic                    

Senior: Gemma Ghezzi

Tyndall College Award

Joseph McNally, Sixth Year

Best Male and Female Sports Star from Each Year Group

First Year

Thato Rammusi                                    

Michelle Kelly

Second Year

Boni Milinganyo                                     

Ciara Doherty MacCarthy

Third Year

Brandon Doyle                                      

Shakira Connors

Transition Year

Jacob O’Brien                                            

Shani Mullins

Fifth Year 

Arsalan Khan

Junior Female & Male Basketball Player of the Year

Ciara Doherty MacCarthy                    

Orlaigh O’Dohonue

Manuel Martin

Eddie Carva                                             

Soccer Player of the Year

Brandon Doyle

Athlete of the Year

Thato Rammusi

Cross-Country Winning Team

Iain Kelly, Eric McDonnell, Brandon Doyle, Lais Zilerivius.


At the annual All – Carlow Schools Indoor Rowing Competition the following boys took Bronze in the open event: Boni Milinganyo, Iain Kelly, Shad Simpson, Richard O’Reilly and Josh King.

Jacob O’Brien took gold in the TY race.

Recognition awards u16 Girls Basketball Team

South East League Runners Up

Back (l-r) Erinn Lennon, Sophie Kennedy, Rachel Doran, Shakira Connors
Front (l-r) Orlaigh O’Donohue, Ciara Doherty MacCarthy, Katie Brennan. 
Missing from photo: Robyn Butler, Shani Mullins and Lucia Gonzalez.

Recognition Awards 2nd Year Boys Basketball Team

South East League Runners Up

Back (l-r) William Manuel, TJ Curran , Bobby Cope, Vince Fornillos, Zuhire Darsi, Boni Milinganyo, Orlando Lazar.
Front (l-r) Edson Chaves, Jorge Pancorbo, Eddie Carva, Manuel Martin, Thato Rammusi. Missing from photo: Niall McGrath O’Neill.

Attendance Awards

Back (l-r) Dean Behan, Jack King, Nathan Harkin, Daniel Kehoe, Zuhire Darsi, Saktiez Peariasiamy, Boni Milinganyo.
Front (l-r) Danielle Harkin, Tracey Doogue, Jessica Almeida, Chloe Kelly.
Missing from photo: Evan Treacy, TJ Curran, Joseph McNally.


Special Recognition for Achievements Outside of School


Jorge Pancorbo: SWIMMING
Qualified for European Indoor Swimming Competition in Barcelona


Daniel Carty: MUSIC
Contribution to music activities in Carlow Regional Youth Services


Jacob O’Brien: FOOTBALL
Carlow Minor Gaelic Football Team


Bobby Cope: RUGBY
Carlow Rugby U15s – Winners of Boyle’s Cup 2018



Ewan Hutchinson: SPUNOUT.IE
Action Panel Committee Member


Chloe Ryan
Chief Scout Award


Joseph McNally 
Gold Pope John Paul II Award


2nd place #Carlow Digital Photography Competition


Robyn Butler: KICK BOXING
European Champion

3rd Place #Carlow Digital Photography Competition

National U18s Champion

Exceptional Contribution to School Life

Student Council

Back (l-r) Zuhire Darsi, Chloe Ryan, Sophie Kennedy, Leah Sheehan, Katie Dooley, Leah Reddy, Jake Condron, William Manuel.
Front (l-r) Ewan Hutchinson, Vittoria Spada, Nathaniel Curtis, Jake Kelly.

Greens Schools Committee

(l-r) Joe McNally, Nathaniel Curtis, Jack King, Sophie Broderick, Zuhire Darsi, Eric McDonnell, Evan Treacy.

Jack King and Clodagh O’Shea

Special Achievement Awards

Fundraising for Bali 

Back (l-r) Sabina Hudak, Leah Sheehan, Danielle Harkin, Jade O’Toole, Chloe Ryan, Emer Brown, Zuhire Darsi, Tadgh Fitzpatrick.
Front (l-r) Sophie Broderick, Sophie Kennedy.

JCSP Paired Reading Certificates

Jakie Ngobeni, Joshua Murphy, Jakub Jasczak, Brigena Connors, Joshua Hoey –Thorpe, Fernando Mirzescu, John Berry.

JCSP Paired Reading Assistants: Kerrie Moore, Emer Brown Jade O’Toole

Literacy Award

Leah Reddy

Arts Award

Junior: Sophie Broderick                   

Senior: Erinn Lennon

Community & Development Award 

Shoe Box Appeal – St Vincent De Paul

(l-r) Kerrie Moore, Chantell Doughty, Ewan Hutchinson, Emer Brown, Jade O’Toole.

Principal’s Awards

John Hanly & Jake O’Callaghan

John Hanly

Jake O’Callaghan


National Awards

World Wise Global Schools Award

(l-r) Ms. McAssey, Chloe Ryan, Ewan Hutchinson, Orlaigh O’Dohohue, Ms. Gordon.

Other Awards

Avril Dooley, First Year – Designed the winning entry for the new PE top which will be worn by all students of Tyndall College from next year.


   Soloist Jason Nolan with the Choir

  Soloist Ewan Hutchinson & Choir  

  Brass & Woodwind Ensemble

   Danny Carthy, Fifth Year  

  Tyndall College Choir

  Sophie Broderick & Danny Carthy