Tyndall College Mission Statement

Staff and parents at Tyndall College are committed to promoting a secure, caring and inclusive educational community for students. Parents are recognised as the first educators, and teachers as facilitators of the learning process. In partnership, we will provide an atmosphere, which encourages respect, responsibility and commitment.

Tyndall College celebrates the diverse and unique identities of our students and is dedicated in providing a balanced, co-educational and student-centred curriculum that promotes a holistic, inter-cultural and multi-belief education, where each individual student is enabled to develop and achieve their full potential.

It is our expectation that every student who leaves Tyndall College will be equipped to take their place in life and make their own positive contribution to society.

The Foundation Pillars of Tyndall College

  • Celebration of the diverse and unique identities of our students, by placing them at the centre of the educational process, and by providing a commitment to making a positive difference to the lives of our students.
  • Empowering students with the knowledge, skills and capability to become caring and valued members
    of society and leaders of learning.
  • Excellence in teaching and learning, providing an inclusive, high quality and holistic educational experience.
  • Working together in a democratic way with students, parents, members of staff and the local community to build a vibrant school community, and to encourage partnership and participation at all levels.


Mr. Gerry McGill

Deputy Principal:

Ms. Emer Morrisey