2018 Belfast Basketball Trip

On the 31st of November 2018 the Tyndall College Boys Basketball team came in at 6am to get ready to leave for Belfast. The Senior Boys Basketball Teams got the opportunity to go to the Belfast Hall of Fame Classic. This is a competition where 8 of the top basketball teams from America compete in the weekend long event to be crowned champions. It is the biggest competition of its kind in Europe and the 3rd biggest outside the states so we were lucky to get to go! 

We arrived at the SSE Arena, Belfast at 11 am and armed with our packed lunches we headed into the stadium. The atmosphere, merchandise and standard of basketball was amazing, everybody was having such a great time. After the first few matches they took a break so we all decided to head down into the city to the Victoria Centre to go check out the shops. Everybody was having so much fun.  

When we got back we had burgers and chips brought to us whilst we watched the game and although it wasn’t the best food in the world we still enjoyed ourselves. After each match we got to meet some of the American basketball players and get their autographs, they were so tall, some of the players were 6’8! 

When the first day of matches was over we headed back to the Loughshore Hotel where we were staying in it was amazing and all the lads and teachers had a great time staying there. 

The next morning everybody got up at 8 am now some of the lads got up earlier because they went to the gym to workout but near enough everybody got up at 8 and we had a lovely breakfast at the hotel. 

When we were done we packed our things and went to Carrigfergus Castle and we saw how the Norman’s lived and how they protected themselves in their castle it was very interesting. After that we went to see the semi-finals and the final in the basketball and it was amazing the games were great the half time shows were entertaining and again we burger and chips brought to us, we had a blast. 

Then when it was time to leave we went to the bus and headed home it was a very long journey and everyone was very tired but we still were happy.  

We were so lucky to get to go on the trip, we did a lot of fundraising in school leading up to it and some local businesses even got involved and sponsored us which was really kind and generous! These businesses included The Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Munnellys Service Station, House of Fleek Dance Studio, Kilkenny, Dooley Motors, Carlow Cabs, Coolbaby.ie, and Arthurs SuperValu, Carlow. 

So on behave on the basketball team we would like to thank Mr Doyle and Mrs Riley for coming with us and a special thank you to Ms Carter for setting this all up for us lads it was great and hopefully we get to do it all again next year. 

By Liam Kirby, TY.